Flu vaccination record in the previous year: But warning of a further decline

Vaccinate children free of charge – with spray

In the previous year the vaccination was against Influenza (“real flu”) included in the free child vaccination program. Around 300,000 cans are again available free of charge for children from six months to 15 years of age, with a nasal spray instead of a syringe being used from the age of two.

128 out of 100,000 flu-infected children in Austria go to hospitals. Despite good health care, there are also deaths in this country, warned Maria Paulke-Korinek, head of the vaccination department at the Ministry of Health. Nine children died in the 2017/18 flu season Influenza, five the following year.

Influenza outbreak in Croatia

The pediatrician Albrecht Prieler recommended that the vaccinations should start at the end of October and the beginning of November. The vaccine is already in stock, both for the free programs and for the privately paid one, advised the vaccination expert to see the doctor as soon as possible.

Especially travelers to Croatia should get vaccinated earlier, for example before the autumn vacation. In Croatia, “an influenza outbreak was detected in several weeks in September,” reported Monika Redlberger-Fritz, head of the National Reference Laboratory for the detection and monitoring of Influenza-Virus infections.

In Germany, too, there have already been cases of people returning to Croatia. “What we see is that after a mild season or two a strong flu wave follows,” warned Redlberger-Fritz.

100.000 Influenza– As in the previous year, vaccination doses are used free of charge in old people’s and nursing homes. According to Paulke-Korinek, the vaccination is recommended in principle for everyone, but especially for people at risk of a severe flu course, such as children, pregnant women, the elderly and the chronically ill. But also people with an increased risk of infection, such as health workers, staff in childcare, people in community facilities or with a lot of customer and public contact and travelers, will become one Influenza-Immunization advised.

“Adults should be vaccinated just like children,” said pediatrician Prieler. “It is a community action, just as it could be a community action with Covid if we had a higher vaccination rate,” he criticized the fact that the willingness to vaccinate the coronavirus is still too low.

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