Fluminense strives to present a more incisive football this season

we have already seen this determination

The challenge of adapting to Abel Braga’s style moves the Fluminense just a few days before the start of the 2022 season. The responsibility of making Tricolor das Laranjeiras a team worthy of playing well in large competitions, including the Copa Libertadores, has the arduous mission of escaping the sameness.

One of the concerns of the last season of Tricolor das Laranjeiras was with the quality to develop the plays. But the news makes the athletes see Fluminense more incisively.

– Each coach has their style of play and I’m sure Abel arrives with this objective. And even for the quality that he finds here within the group, really players with a lot of quality and also with characteristics of a competitive group. In just a few days of training, we have already seen this determination, disposition, not only with the quality to be creating, but, yes, without the ball, a team also with a big footprint. And it’s obvious that Abel will prepare his team to have this control, for us to be building and scoring goals up front – said Willian Bigode in his presentation.

In addition to players with more “experience” in the continental tournament, the board further intensified the dispute on the left side and in the offensive sector. It’s up to Abel to balance the forces of the cast amid a season that will demand a lot.

After all, names like Nino and André are on the rise and need security to repeat the high performance of the previous year. Marcos Felipe consolidated himself at the finish line. Meanwhile, other athletes struggle to regain their space.

There are challenges to Tricolor das Laranjeiras even before Abelão ready the team.

– It is a great privilege to be working with Abel, with all his experience. With all the history he has at the club, he knows how it all works. I’m sure, as I saw in the speech, in the eyes, in the ambition, the desire to win and conquer. And today he finds a very qualified group – he said.



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