Food Bank grows 750%, but needs to expand

The Food Bank of the Dominican Republic (BARD) reported this Thursday that it continues to contribute to the most needy in the country through the collaboration of multiple companies and organizations that donate products before their expiration.

The executive director of the social organization, Julinna Staffeld, told elCaribe newspaper that currently more than 20,000 people receive food managed and donated by the Food Bank throughIt’ss of more than 200 organizations, formally constituted and food insecure.

The BARD increased from 118,000 kilos, to rescue and distribute more than a million kilos of food in perfect condition, equivalent to more than 6 million food rations a year.

The executive took the opportunity to express the need for the organization to expand into new facilities, because the current space for the general management of its operations where the Bank is currently located is complicated.

The objective is to be able to have an adequate warehouse in terms of height, storage, classification, entry and exit of products and accessibility, which allows us to follow the 5-year growth, which we estimate at 100%, that is, 2 million kilos rescued and distributed annually.

“The facilities where we currently operate are designed for 10,000 kilos per month and we are currently receiving and donating more than 100,000 kilos of food monthly, which makes it impossible for us to continue growing and helping more people,” explained Julinna Staffeld.

And he added: “We need to acquire a suitable location with more than 1,500 square meters, which allows us to continue to comply with good manufacturing practices and logistics processes, typical of food banks. In this sense, we need to incorporate an industrial refrigerated room for meat, seafood and frozen products, which allows us to ensure the cold chain. In addition, we urgently need an adequate cold room to keep agricultural products and those that require refrigeration in good condition ”.

The task of classifying

From their point of view, it is time to have enough space to properly establish the classification and sanitation areas of the cesspool with high-tech and efficient machinery, as well as the training and administrative offices.

“In addition, we want to start processing food to convert it into vacuum packed supplies for better conservation and use. Another of the main projects we have is to venture into the composting process in order to take advantage of solid waste and convert it into compost ”, he argued.

He made it clear that to achieve these objectives, he needs the support of private and public institutions, because only with a joint effort will we be able to continue contributing to so many Dominican families.

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