The controlled revelry - 08/01/2022 - Alvaro Costa e Silva

If football today drives out even the filthy rich, what can we say about the poor. As a player, Ronaldo was not one to pop. As a businessman and would-be owner of Cruzeiro, he doesn’t show the same impetus. After announcing the intention to invest R$ 400 million to acquire 90% of the shares of the club’s SAF (Sociedade Anônima do Futebol), the former player is already considering giving up the deal. The debts, which he classifies as “billion dollar”, could impede the rush of the Phenomenon.

Cruzeiro’s scenario —which will play for the third consecutive year in the second division— is more troubled than Botafogo’s. But this one also owes God and the world and is close to being bought by the American investor John Textor, until yesterday a complete unknown. It is known that he is a partner of a streaming service focused on live sports broadcasting and he already has Crystal Palace, a London team, in his hat.

Ronaldo has modest pretensions. Your goal is to return to Serie A. And Textor? Any idea what you’re getting yourself into? Deluded by the dollars and the promise of great signings, Botafogo fans went to welcome the gringo at the airport as if he were Garrincha revived. Suffered and maddened, the crowd demands to start the Libertadores title, never won.

If modernity hadn’t turned football inside out, Textor would be introduced to Vinicius de Moraes to get an idea of ​​the challenge that awaits him: “Do you know what a Pixinguinha choro is? in the backyard? Do you know what it’s like to support Botafogo?”
And he would be told that, before him, there was another patron in the club, for whom scouting, startup and compliance made no sense. From his own pocket, the bookie Emil Pinheiro created the 1989 champion team, ending a 21-year fast. Then he sold all the players and recovered the investment. Botafogo remained poorly managed and in poverty.

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