The Belgian Union cannot oppose the return of Dejan Veljkovic as an agent, but does not worry: the granting of this license should be temporary and above all almost useless.

By Jonas Bernard

Published on 11/22/2021 8:33 PM
Reading time: 1 min

Dince the announcement of the Brussels court, which ruled the ten-year suspension of Dejan Veljkovic by the Belgian Court of Arbitration for Sport (CBAS) as void, the Belgian Union must expect to receive a new request for affiliation from the Serbian agent, who would like to be able to resume his activities. An astonishing scenario but logical with regard to the law.

However, the Belgian Union wants to be reassuring according to the Flemish daily Het Laatste Nieuws: if it has no other choice but to accept this possible legal request, it knows that it will lead to nothing because It was not in Belgium, where Veljkovic’s involvement in the match-fixing issue was very real, that he was able to relaunch his activity.

In addition, a new affiliation would only be temporary pending the sanctions which will fall once the “Footgate” file has come to an end. Veljkovic is currently working with Belgian justice, which gives him the status of repentant. A first in the history of our country which will not prevent it from being punished, of course.

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