People queuing at the transfer terminal to board public transport.  (Photo: PMCG)

Only 31% of the public who responded to the poll say they agree with the benefit review considered by the mayor

People queuing at the transfer terminal to board public transport. (Photo: PMCG)

The poll result of the Campo Grande News this Friday (14) revealed that 69% of readers are against the collection of collective transport vouchers for students in the private network. The number represents 2,579 votes.

As for 1,155 readers, which represents a percentage of 31%, students from private schools should bear the cost. The questioning is made precisely at the moment when the mayor of the Capital, Marquinhos Trad (PSD), raised this position last week. He said he will review the benefit.

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In the Federal Constitution, access to education for all is guaranteed as a right and duty of the State and of the family to promote and encourage, in order to aim at “the full development of the person, their preparation for the exercise of citizenship and their qualification for work” . The first item of article 205 says that there must be the principle of “equal conditions for access and permanence in school”.

For the mayor, the distinction in the collection will be analyzed by a commission. The objective is to reduce the value of the transport voucher for the population. “If the student has a scholarship or Fies [Fundo de Financiamento Estudantil], he needs the gratuity. Now, if he studies at a university and pays the tuition, then he is able to pay for his pass”, highlighted Marquinhos.

He points out that, of the 240,000 student trips per month, 20% are private students and 14% are federal students. “They all deserve it, but the Union also has to help”, he pondered.

For almost three decades in the Capital, the law that allows transportation of students does not show from which source of funds there will be a subsidy. Currently, the paying customer bears the costs of the gratuity.

And this Saturday (15) the Campo Grande News raises a question about how much the use of cell phones has impacted the lives of readers in relation to living with family, friends and life partners. Participate!

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