For International Women’s Day: 8 films about historically significant women

With “Marie Antoinette” Sofia Coppola provides us with an unconventional film adaptation of a classic character and tells the story of the French queen in a trendy, colorful robe. If you accept that the biopic is not necessarily historically accurate and take a few creative liberties, you can expect a film that is a lot of fun. For long stretches, “Marie Antoinette” is in a good mood, full of ideas, wit, glamour, exuberant entertainment and great emotions: a character study with modern elements.

Who was Marie Antoinette? Like the film itself, Vienna-born Marie Antoinette was no ordinary queen. The embodiment of youth, beauty and promise, Marie-Antoinette was initially extremely popular with the French population. She was very generous to those in need. But then, as Queen of France, she lost all connection with money. She splurged on fashion and fancy hairstyles while the common French became poorer and poorer. The people therefore did not like her and became the target of massive criticism. In 1793, like her husband, she was finally guillotined in Paris.

“Marie Antoinette” is available to stream via Starz, an Amazon Prime Video channel. The film can also be rented and bought on Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, the Sky Store and Maxdome. Here’s the movie!

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