For or against the name "Clasico"?  Our specialists decide

This Sunday is Clasico. But, in addition to the shock on the ground, another match has been played in the spans of the stadium for years also, that of the appellation. Between purists and fanatics, two schools clash. Does this game between Mauves and Rouches deserve the name Clasico? Is this Anderlecht – Standard the Belgian equivalent of the Hispanic clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona?

In writing, we asked the question to three football specialists, Vincent Langendries, Benjamin Deceuninck and David Houdret. Hazardous or revealing coincidence, the three opinions diverge.

Vincent Langendries: “I’ve always heard that, since I was a kid”

As far back as he can remember Vincent Langendries has always heard this term to designate the confrontation between Liège residents and Brussels residents. “Ever since I was a kid, that’s how we’ve defined this particular game.“The journalist nevertheless recognizes that this name does not really come from our flat country.”It is true that it evokes more the south of Europe but we are not going to call this match the classic just to be French. If we are no longer inspired by foreign languages, let’s say goal rather than goal then” quips the one who closely follows the competitions of our Red Devils.

In addition to the match in its simplest device, it is the historical dimension that gives right to this name according to Vincent Langendries. “The rivalry is not new. This confrontation between Brussels and the south of the country is truly rooted in mentalities. The history of this match in our championship, even if it is a little devalued today, means that the word remains appropriate.

Before concluding, the journalist would like to point out that this term is part of the folklore of our Belgian championship. “It’s like team nicknames, we don’t ask ourselves whether it’s justified or not, it’s the history of our first division.

Benjamin Deceuninck: “With Clasico, we understand directly what we are talking about”

For his part, the presenter of the Tribune is rather mixed. “What has always bothered me is that it is the same name as probably the most watched match on the planet, Barça – Real. It’s a bit warm. And it’s like a dish in the microwave, it’s less good” illustrates the journalist.

In contrast, Benjamin Deceuninck is for an original appellation. “It’s a classic in our championship so it’s deserved. I suggested Standing at one time. By taking over the start of Standard and the end of Sporting. But, Clasico has the merit of having rallied a majority. We immediately understand what we are talking about and, in the end, that is what a word is for.

David Houdret: “Let’s find a new name”

The presenter of the program Complètement Foot is less nuanced than his two colleagues. “We sell dreams by calling this match that way. It’s not very justified. There is already the Super Clasico in Argentina between Boca Juniors and River Plate. Closer to home is what has become the Spanish Clasico. I insist on the formula has become. Because over the years, the Spaniards realized that it was the most played match and that it deserved this term, press David Houdret. There is also the Viejo Clasico (note: Old Classic) between Atletic Bilbao and Real Madrid.

It is true that, to the chagrin of their supporters, the two rival clubs do not often face each other. Or at least no more than other teams in the Kingdom. “Standard have had little play-offs in recent years, so supporters have had to make do with classic stage clashes. If we take the outrageous domination of Barça and Real over their championship, it seems a little pale to call Anderlecht – Standard: the Clasico. Even though both fan camps have adopted the term, let’s find another name.

As you will have understood, opinions differ. But, this Sunday, the most Classic from Classic from above Standing will take place without supporters. And a Clasico without assistance is already less of a Clasico.

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