The scene reveals the violence with which those involved in the attack went on top of the agent. Everything seems to indicate that it was a reaction to an immobilization procedure carried out by the victim.

The beating had place in Carrera 18, between streets 33 and 34, in the center of Bucaramanga. There, two subjects were cruel with their helmets, in addition to punches and kicks, Vanguardia scored.

The traffic agent was identified as Ensign Gilberto Neira, who has been at that institution for 26 years, and told the regional media that he was doing “an informal transport clearance”.

“A man came and said he was the driver of the motorcycle, I told him to present the documents to me. Then a guy came out to say that the bike belonged to him, that he was taking it away ”.

Neira says that she crossed to prevent the escape and He asked the man for the documents, who gave them to him.

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However, the agent added that a woman later arrived to “put problems” and there a strong crossing of words was unleashed.

At that moment, one of the drivers started hitting him, hit the agent with a helmet on his head, while the other subject surprised him from behind.

“They gave me a leg, a fist, a helmet, everything. As my helmet came off, they hit me on the forehead and my head on the floor ”.

Vanguardia showed how Neira was after the blows. You see a picture in which a huge bump appears that was left on his forehead. The man had to be taken to the La Riviera Clinic where he was discharged.

So was Ensign Neira:

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Traffic agent aggressors would be foreigners

The version leaves Caracol Radio, which indicates that those responsible for the attack would be illegal transporters.

The radio frequency quotes the witnesses of the fact that they assure that the misfits “are a foreign population”.

This is the video of the attack:

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