Several associations put the Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, CD&V Sammy Mahdi, on notice.

Tall rise up against the lack of reception places for unaccompanied minors, who suddenly find themselves wandering the streets without protection. Hundreds of young people are affected and the situation has been going on for very long months.

A lack of places made even worse by the Covid crisis. Fedasil has thus set up a systematic sorting of UMs who request a reception outside opening hours. Unacceptable for Mehdi Kassou, spokesperson for the Citizen Platform: “It is against the law, it is contrary to international conventions and I would even say that it is contrary to the moral sense. One can only wonder about such a decision and especially an absence of reaction from the Secretary of State. He is therefore really urged to take the full measure of the situation and to open the necessary places. A country like Belgium must be able to guarantee a welcome, in particular for children“.

A sorting is indeed made between the UMs that Fedasil considers vulnerable and those that it considers not vulnerable, as explained by Mélanie Zonderman, coordinator of the Minors in Exile platform:

It is a categorization that is illegal. It does not matter if a young person is 16 or 14 years old, all these young people have the right to a suitable reception place. If the Secretary of State or Fedasil do not respond to our request within three days, we will take legal action before the competent court.“.

Secretary of State Sammy Mahdi is expected to receive the formal notice this morning. He has three days to respond to the request and react publicly. Without return on his part, a summary action could be initiated.

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