Former BBB Bruno Gaga does R$ 25,000 facial harmonization

Former BBB Bruno Gaga wasted no time outside confinement to indulge in one of the most sought-after procedures by former reality show participants, the transformation given by facial harmonization.

The Alagoan drew attention with the result of the procedure, performed at a clinic in São Paulo. According to columnist Leo Dias, from the Metrópoles website, the aesthetic treatment cost R$ 25,000.

Bruno underwent a microfocused ultrasound to stimulate collagen, called a liftera, had a face slimming treatment, botox application, filling with hyaluronic acid in dark circles, chin and Chinese mustache.

The pharmacy attendant also underwent a treatment with a fat remover on the cheeks and jowls, photone peeling (laser that improves skin texture) and pore closure.

On the web, the Alagoan, the first dropout of the 23rd season of the reality show, celebrated the result that has been appearing timidly in the first moments of the post procedure.

“Today was a very happy day in my life, a day that will be remembered because today was the day of beauty now. My face is a little swollen, but that’s normal, the result will come over the days, but you can already see it. (…) This drooling nose, I was ashamed to post a profile picture. I had several procedures, botox that I dreamed of so much, there were so many procedures … ”, she said.

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