Former BBB Patrícia Leitte says she was attacked in college: ‘I want to cry’

Former BBB Patrícia Leitte appeared on social media this Monday (6) to vent when she reported being attacked at college.

Through the stories on the Instagram profile, the blonde said she had met a stranger in the elevator when the moment occurred.

“Today I woke up super well, happy and excited to live this day. Upon arriving at college, still inside the elevator, I received a criticism and an ‘attack’ still about the time of my BBB. I felt the person’s hatred for me. I got goosebumps. It gave me anguish at the time ”, began the outburst.

“Still, smile. I didn’t show what I was feeling. But it was so embarrassing, it made me want to cry. How can anyone be like this? You’ve never seen me in your life. Was it the first time and already treating me that way?”, Patrícia Leitte continued.

The former BBB even said she had received words of consolation from a teacher after the corrido: “When the door opened, the teacher said a few words to me to help me deal with that. I confess that I was ‘unaccustomed’ to experiencing this type of attack”.

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