Former Syrian colonel sentenced to life in Germany for crimes against humanity

Thursday, January 13, Anouar Raslan, former high-ranking intelligence officer of Bashar El-Assad, was sentenced to life imprisonment by a German court for crimes against humanity. A verdict of historic significance.

As explained at the outset L’Orient-Le Jour, “He is the highest ranking officer of the Syrian repressive apparatus ever apprehended by a judicial body located abroad”. Thursday, January 13, Anouar Raslan, ex-colonel of the Syrian intelligence services, was sentenced to life imprisonment by the regional court in Koblenz, Germany.

The man “Was convicted of 27 murders, torture of thousands of other people, as well as sexual violence and other crimes”, details the Lebanese daily. Crimes that date back to the period from April 2011 to September 2012, at the start of the civil war in Syria.

This verdict should finally end – at least if Raslan does not appeal the decision – a trial which began in April 2020, and which had already resulted in a minor conviction, that of Ayad Al-Gharib, which has sentenced to four and a half years in prison last February.

From a strictly legal point of view, notes the French-speaking media, “for




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