Formosa: "Gildo has you under control", a teacher punished his student for going to a Javier Milei act

Social networks repudiated the audios that went viral from a teacher at a high school in Formosa who punished his student for going to an act of the elected national deputy Javier Milei. “Gildo has you under control”the professor warned him.

The event occurred in the Formosan town of Commander Fontana, about 184 km from the provincial capital. Fernando Valenzuela, 19, was interested in Milei’s liberal discourse and traveled to the city of Formosa to participate in the campaign act of the libertarian referent.

The student appeared on the cameras when he greeted Milei and, according to the young man, his teacher at the EPES N ° 14 school in Comandante Fontana reproached him for his presence in the act.

The teacher in question is Ubaldo Soraire, who teaches philosophy in said establishment. In social networks, a series of audios from the teacher to his student were viralized in which he warned him that he was going to fail and directly reproached him for having gone to Milei’s act, which on social networks was questioned as indoctrination.

“Valenzuela can come to defend your work because otherwise you’re going to march huh. You appeared on all the television channels from the province. Gildo has you under control. So if you are in Formosa and you went to fuck with that Milei, you lost, bye“is heard at the beginning of the teacher’s audios.

How a poor, hardworking kid is going to be breaking the balls with those oligarchs there, they are all oligarchs who are there “, he adds and concludes:” Who is the teacher, you or me? Times are managed by the teacher, not the student. You go to December now. Before Christmas we will see if we take you. So just relax. I broke posters and made all the mess that you are going to make there in Formosa“.

Javier Milei began to travel the country: he traveled to Formosa to support a critical journalist from Gildo Insfrán

The contact between the two has to do with the fact that due to the coronavirus pandemic, teachers and students had to be more in contact in other ways, such as WhatsApp. In his social networks, the student uploaded videos of the trip with Milei. In this context, the teacher sent the intimidating audios to the student.

“Only the teacher threatened me, but for example the The director has a photo of her hugging Gildo Insfrán in a huge painting in her office“, expressed the young man in dialogue with TN.

Along these lines, he said that he is going to file a complaint with INADI: “I will file a complaint with INADI and the prosecution, I already decided. “


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