Four destinations at affordable prices to travel this summer
Four destinations at affordable prices to travel this summer – LA NACION

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Four destinations, four different options to enjoy this summer season with the lowest rates, flying with Flybondi.

To travel alone, with family or friends, from Santiago del Estero to Córdoba, Punta del Este or San Pablo, four destinations operated by Flybondi to live a different vacation.

Rio Hondo hot springs

Few know that it is the largest thermal city in Latin America, located on a large mineralized hot spring of 12 square kilometers. To regain energy and rest, there is nothing like a getaway to Santiago del Estero. Only 70 km from the capital of the province, it is the perfect destination since the hotels are focused on wellness: from the cheapest to the most luxurious they have thermal water pools. In addition, the vast majority have a sauna and Jacuzzi for treatments with high mineral content waters.

Cordoba: trekking
and nature

Cordoba: trekking
and nature

Less than 100 km from the capital of the province, is the Quebrada del Condorito National Park, ideal for being in contact with nature and disconnecting from the city. An interesting walk is to take a guided visit to the Jesuit Block, the building complex that includes the Church of the Society of Jesus, the domestic chapel, the parents’ residence and the old rectory of the National University of Córdoba.

An interesting proposal is to go trekking on the North Balcony. The route, of 14 km, has a panoramic viewpoint of the ravine where there are great possibilities of seeing condors. Safety pin.

The calm of
mountain forest

Another option is to visit the Sierras de Córdoba, which are located in the west and northwest of the province. The region has landscapes of mountain forest, grasslands and scrublands; and allows a wide range of activities: walks along rivers and streams, trekking and hiking, climbing, horseback riding, bike tours, etc.

Punta del Este
for all

The great classic of Argentine tourism in Uruguay has options for each visitor. Be it the calm beaches of La Mansa, ideal for families with young children, the bustle of little cafes and restaurants in La Barra, the classic La Posta del Cangrejo, Manantiales or Montoya paradors, the rugged beauty of Uruguay is a great opportunity to enjoy the sea. and tour a city that has it all.

Those who visit it for the first time cannot miss the famous sculpture Los Dedos, which represents a hand emerging from the sand. It has been located in La Punta, at stop 1 of La Brava since 1982. It is not only a good setting for selfies, but also a famous meeting point for young people and the surfing community. A fact: it is impossible to leave Punta without eating its famous Warm Medialunas. They are the best in town.

Saint Paul:
culture and beaches

The cultural capital of Brazil stands out for its artistic proposals, its murals and for its spaces such as the Museum of Modern Art or the Museum of the Portuguese Language, which is located in an old train station in Bairro da Luz. And although one of its most relevant events on the world calendar is the Art Biennial, São Paulo is also synonymous with the beach.

Paradise is
a couple of hours

Just two hours by car is Guarujá, an island in front of the Port of Santos, 90 km from the city. Another option is Juquehy, located in the municipality of San Sebastián, which combines more than 3 km of white sands and calm waters with an exuberant environment of tropical forests and hills covered in green. Sundays Dias, the crescent-shaped beach located in Ubatuba is one of the favorites for families with children, since its sea is very calm. It is located in a residential area, surrounded by gardens to enjoy family walks.

A destination for
every traveler

Among the national destinations where the Flybondi fleet lands are Bariloche, Córdoba, Corrientes, Iguazú, Jujuy, Mendoza, Neuquén, Salta, etc. The company also crosses borders to Florianópolis, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. In Uruguay, it disembarks at the Laguna del Sauce airport in Punta del Este and also in Asunción del Paraguay.

The lowest rates

Created in 2018, Flybondi is the first low cost airline in Argentina. With a single class, based on the concept of resource efficiency and time optimization, the airline allows to reduce costs to offer cheaper fares. His proposal segments the services in such a way that the client chooses to pay only for the extras they want. So flying is more accessible than ever.
One piece of information: with Club La Nación there is a 20% discount on national routes and special Club Flybondi rates.

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