Players Alexander Palma, Jhonny Pereda, Ricardo Rodríguez and Cesar Valera is they incorporated in the morning of today to the practices of the Caracas team.

Lions receives four players

Gradually the LVBP teams have been adding players to the preseason practices, in this case the Caracas Lions incorporate four baseball players on the fourth day of training that will make up the squad for the season that begins in the middle of this month.

Official announcement:

Players of various positions

Those who started practices today were Alexander Palma (RF), Jhonny Pereda (C), Ricardo Rodríguez (P) and César Valera (SS).

Important incorporation

It is worth highlighting how important, from the offensive point of view, was Jhonny Pereda last season; he played 39 games and, although he did not stand out for home runs, he maintained a great batting average (AVG.338 / OBP.421 / SLG.421 / OPS.842). In addition, it reached him to be Rookie of the Year.

Due to the outstanding participation he had in the previous contest, he is expected to provide good hits for the Caracas team.

Statements by Jhonny Pereda and Alexander Palma

The Lions of Caracas do not stop training

They have been training for four days in a row at the University Stadium in Caracas. Against all difficulties, despite the fact that they did not have the full squad, the practices began and will continue until the start of the season.

The franchise is aware that they did not respond well at all in the year 2020 of the LVBP, as they were in last place in the Central Division with just 15 games won and 25 lost.

Consequently, the team knows that they must lift their heads and try to get as high as possible in the table in this campaign that is about to start, as they have a commitment to the fans after the previous terrible performance.

Photo credit: Johán Sandoval

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