Sebastian Vettel in de Aston Martin F1-bolide

Sebastian Vettel in de Aston Martin F1-bolide © Aston Martin F1 team

According to four-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel, Formula 1 urgently needs to take action to make itself greener as a sport and more relevant to everyday life, otherwise Formula 1 risks disappearing, according to Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel has increasingly become a champion of sustainability and the environment in recent years. At first sight it may be at odds with the fact that he is an F1 pilot with petrol-guzzling engines, but Vettel wants Formula 1 to take action as a sport and put his shoulders to it.

“Formula 1 is not green but we have the potential to make the sport greener without sacrificing the spectacle, the excitement, the speed and the passion,” Vettel said.

“There are so many intelligent people in this sport, we can certainly come up with some great solutions. In terms of regulation, we have very efficient engines but they are useless. With the current talks about the future rules, we need to talk more about changes that can really make a difference.”

According to the four-time world champion, fundamental changes must be made to keep Formula 1 relevant in the future.

“This is very important for Formula 1, otherwise the sport threatens to disappear one day. We know the mistakes that happened in the past and we can’t afford to repeat them.”

Vettel again refers to the current generation of engines used in Formula 1. They are indeed very efficient and powerful, but their utility for the man or woman in the street is very limited.

“We have spent the last ten years developing super efficient, but extremely expensive hybrid engines that are irrelevant to the ordinary cars on the street,” said Vettel.

“I suspect these engines have easily cost manufacturers well over a billion in recent years. We have to use such large sums of money for the right purposes. I don’t know the ideal situation either, but I think it’s important that we look at this and that we don’t just do nothing for the next five years.”

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