France breaks taboo and legislates again on incest

A year ago, the shattering release of the book The Big Family had allowed the liberation of the word on this sexual crime which is incest. France, whose legislation on the subject had not changed since the Revolution, is adjusting its penalization of incestuous relations, explains the Times.

Breaking a taboo inherited from the French Revolution, the French government wants to align itself with most European countries in terms of the criminalization of incest, report it Times.

Currently, incest is only prohibited in French law if children are involved. But Adrien Taquet, the Secretary of State for Child Protection, spoke of the government’s intention to criminalize all kinds of incestuous relationships, even when the people are of legal age. For him, “Regardless of age, you do not have sex with your father, son or daughter”.

For the British daily, the current legislation is a legacy of the French Revolution, which, in 1791, did not include in the first Penal Code offenses such as incest, blasphemy and sodomy, considered to be characteristic of Christian morality of the Ancien Régime. ”

Qualified as rape

This “Very old social taboo around incest was shattered last year, with the publication by Camille Kouchner of The Big Family, who accused Olivier Duhamel of having abused his son-in-law in the 1980s. Speech was freed, many victims had spoken, which led the government to erect in “full-fledged offense sexual intercourse with a close family member under the age of 18 ”. Now, the act is considered rape, unless the perpetrator is less than five years older than the victim, in which case the act is considered a sexual assault.

If the victims’ defense associations welcomed this decision, Isabelle Aubry, president of Face à inceste, “Fears that Macron will go back on his promise if he was re-elected in April”, shade it Times. For her, making such a decision so soon before the elections can only be a “Electoral maneuver”.



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