France detains alleged guilty of migrant shipwreck |  News

The Minister of the Interior of France, Gérald Darmanin, announced this Thursday that a fifth person was arrested for alleged responsibility in the irregular passage and shipwreck near the north coast of that nation of a boat with migrants in the English Channel, which caused the death of 27 of them.


French maritime authority rescues more than 1,000 migrants

The official specified that the Lille (north) Prosecutor’s Office is in charge of the investigations into the responsibility of the five individuals, including one who would have bought the boats for the crossing in Germany.

Initially, the portfolio reported that the number of victims exceeded 30, but later it specified that it was 27 (17 men, seven women and three children).

According to the French Interior Ministry, two people could be rescued by rescue teams and face critical health conditions due to hypothermia.

The Channel Maritime Prefecture described the tragedy as the “worst accident” of its kind for migrants trying to reach the UK. In reaction, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Wednesday that he would chair an emergency meeting on the issue.

French President Emmanuel Macron assured that France will not allow the English Channel to become a cemetery and promised to find out who was responsible for the situation.

“They are the deepest values ​​of Europe, humanism, respect for the dignity of each person, those who are in mourning,” said the president, who called for an emergency European summit on migration.

Macron urged British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday not to exploit a dramatic situation and act with dignity, in a telephone conversation they had after the shipwreck.

The increasing blockades and controls in the port of Calais and the tunnel that connects the European continent with the United Kingdom, which until now were the roads most used by migrants, have caused them to now take the sea route in boats not adapted to do the journey.

So far this year there have been 47,000 attempts at clandestine sea crossings to the United Kingdom. Law enforcement agencies have rescued 7,800 migrants in that time.

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