Fraud in León: CDMX scammers offer fake loans as a Leon company

Leon, Guanajuato.- The financial services institution Prestagrow on Lion She was impersonated by a fraudulent company in Mexico City that offered loans in her name.

“On three occasions this year people came who had approved a loan, they told them to deposit an amount but then they no longer contacted them, so they came to this office and were surprised that it was a scam because we provide services to legal entities only”explained Cristina one of the receptionists.

“At least per week we receive 4 phone calls to ask for credits”explained the worker.

In the Leonese firm they realized that his name was being misused, due to some documents that came in the name of Guillermo gonzalez camarena, from company Grows Plus, which supplanted the business identity of Prestagrow.


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