Fred and Domitila are still in contention for the car and immunity; test exceeds 8 am

Domitila Barros and Fred Desimpedidos are willing to break records for the car and also for the valuable immunity. The two have been in the resistance test in the white room for over 8 hours. Between comings and goings of bullshit, the duo talked about posture in the game during the night.

“Do you remember what I said? That was a bluff. The times that Larissa had the possibility to go to a Paredão, or because of that card that Key drew, or for other moments, it was really the Key that she didn’t want to put “says Miss Germany.

“I think it ended up playing against you. You using a lie to try to destabilize me psychologically and honestly it just made me that much stronger.”completed the ex-husband of businesswoman and influencer Bianca Andrade.

Understand the rules of the White Room

Those confined enter the car at the indicated places and, according to Tadeu Schmidt, must remain inside the car holding a logo, which is stuck outside, for as long as possible.

Whoever lets the logo fall to the ground loses the duel. Whoever relieves himself in the car loses the duel. Whoever tries to tie the rope of the logo, in some way, to get rid of the effort of holding the logo, will be breaking the rules, will be warned and later can be eliminated.

The vehicle’s brand logo will also appear on the panels. The two must count how many times it appears. It will appear on both panels simultaneously, but each time it does, it only counts once. If the test reaches the time limit of the duel, this count will be fundamental to decide the winner.

Sleeping is not prohibited, but the risk of losing count and letting the logo fall out of your hand is great. The winner of the dispute takes a car and returns to the BBB 23 game with immunity. The loser will suffer a serious consequence, which is going straight to Paredão without the right to Bate-Volta, but they don’t know.

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