In the capital, testing of schoolchildren for covid may become massive

In the capital, testing of schoolchildren for covid may become massive

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

From October 14, that is, tomorrow, free express testing for coronavirus among students will begin to conduct in ten schools in Moscow. You can check your health once every two weeks.

Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of the Capital for Social Development called the reason for this decision an increase in the number of infected in the city. Earlier, doctors explained that children most often tolerate mild covid, but at the same time pass it on to adults with whom they live.

“We see that over the past month 2.5 times more school-age children fell ill than in the previous month,” she said. Anastasia Rakova… – In the last two weeks alone, 42% more school-age children fell ill than in the previous two. Moreover, for the last month there were more than 280 children were hospitalized school age “.

According to her, in some regions of Russia, the transfer of students to distance learning. Rapid tests in schools, according to the city authorities, will help to avoid such a scenario. By the way, the same procedure has already been launched in educational institutions in Germany, Austria and England.

In the capital, testing of schoolchildren for covid may become widespread.

“Based on the results of the pilot and the development of an effective algorithm, we will consider the possibility of organizing testing in other educational organizations,” she said. Anastasia Rakova.

We will remind that from October 11 in the capital they began to do free express tests for coronavirus in 20 points of the city, including GUM, TSUM, Depo food mall and My Documents public service centers. For this, adults need a passport, children – a birth certificate.


Each student from grades 1 to 11, as well as pupils of preschool groups, will be tested for covid once every two weeks.

Schools will create a timetable indicating the day, time and location of the analysis. Each class will take the test separately from the others. That is, the flows of students from different classes will not intersect.

The analysis can be done in class – in the second half of the lesson or during the class hour, with minimal interruption of the educational process (express testing of the entire class will take up to 25 minutes). In preschool groups – at a convenient time during the day.

Attention! A positive rapid test result is not a reason either to recognize a child as sick, or to introduce quarantine in the classroom.


The school itself will be able to determine which of the employees will do the tests. This can be both medical personnel and specially trained school staff.

A smear is taken with a thin and soft stick. The result appears within 15 minutes. High school students may be allowed to do this themselves under the supervision of a teacher.

In this case, you do not need to sign any documents for the procedure.

“Express testing is not a medical procedure,” the Moscow Operations Headquarters said. “Therefore, he does not need to send any papers to the school and sign a consent to take the test.”


If one of the students has a positive analysis, then they act like this:

– a doctor from a polyclinic will be sent to his house;

– a specialist will conduct an examination, take a PCR test and do another express test;

– only after additional examination some decision will be made. If the result of an express test at home in conjunction with the clinical picture or the result of a PCR test turns out to be positive, the doctor will immediately prescribe treatment and write a prescription for medicines. In this case, all family members who are nearby will also be tested for free.


In this case, a parent can make an express test for a student. To do this, you need to arrive at the time appointed by the school and conduct a test for your child in the presence of a teacher. Another option is to provide a negative result of a PCR test from a polyclinic or a private clinic for admitting a child to classes every 2 weeks.

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