Free public transport, sanction for the unemployed, ...: these major budget announcement effects that resulted in almost nothing

Free transport, sanction for the unemployed, etc. “The big announcement effects were followed by next to nothing”, observe Pascal Delwit.

Despite more than a hundred measures, the budget agreement of the De Croo government does not present a revolution. Number of reforms dumps mentioned in the press during the negotiations are missing from the final version. “It became classic before an important negotiation. The rule of the game is that we come with a full backpack that we gradually empty”, analysis Pascal Delwit, political scientist at ULB. We forgot a little during the pandemic it was a government of seven parties, all of which must communicate to the segments of the population they hope to conquer. This is all the more important with social networks where you cannot give the field free to opponents. The parties communicated a lot before the negotiations. However, all the big announcement effects were followed by next to nothing. Within the government, it is the multiple proposals of the PS that have caused the most tensions.

Paul Magnette’s PS lacks direction. It is also in a logic to show that it is the dominant party which leads the coalition, but it does not succeed because the forces are balanced , underlines a liberal heavyweight.


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