French court orders country to honor its climate commitments

Cécile Duflot, Director of Oxfam France

Por Geert De Clercq

PARIS (Reuters) – A French court has ordered the state to honor its commitments to combat climate change, environmental organizations that initiated the lawsuit said Thursday.

France is one of several countries where environmental activists are using the judicial system to force their governments to take faster action against global warming.

“We won. The state not only needs to make up for its delays, but it also needs to repair any damage,” Oxfam France director Cécile Duflot said on Twitter.

There was no immediate comment from government officials.

Oxfam is one of four organizations that initiated the lawsuit against the French government, as well as Greenpeace and the Nicolas Hulot Foundation.

“The French state has been condemned…its inaction in the face of climate change has been widely punished,” tweeted the director of Greenpeace France, Jean-François Julliard.

The verdict of the administrative court in Paris, seen by Reuters, orders the French government to take all necessary measures to repair the ecological damage and prevent a worsening of the situation by the end of 2022 at the latest.

In August, France’s highest administrative court had already fined the state 10 million euros for failing to improve air quality in various areas of the country.

Environmentalists in several European countries are using the courts to force governments to respect their commitments to combat climate change.

(Por Geert De Clercq)



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