A French farmer who was filmed in his underpants by television channel France Télévisions in 2015 has received 10,000 euros from the broadcaster. The judge has ruled that the television channel should not have filmed the man on its own property.

Jean-Marc Dutouya became an internet sensation in November 2015 after being furiously portrayed. In his underpants and a blue shirt, he stormed out to scare birdwatchers off his property. The activists walked through his cornfields to defuse bird traps.

Dutouya was previously sentenced to a fine of 400 euros for violence with his spade. He in turn sued the television channel and won the case.

During the uproar that broke out after the farmer went outside to chase the intruders away, the farmer’s mother, who was over 80, was pushed. The tires of the journalists’ car were punctured.

After Dutouya came on television, people on the internet were quick to call the incident #SlipGate. A lot of memes were made about the man. For example, his shovel was replaced by a lightsaber or he was furiously placed in front of the Berlin Wall on an image. Or the tower of Pisa.

The man felt abused by the TV channel and went to court. He now proved him right. They should not have filmed him on his farm without explicit permission for the questions and getting there.

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