French film director Jean-Jacques Beineix dies at 75

The well-known French film director Jean-Jacques Bergeix is ​​dead. The French news agency AFP, citing the director’s brother, reported on Friday that Bergeix died on Thursday at the age of 75. Beinix is ​​one of the pioneers of French cinema in the 80s and 90s. His works “Diva” and “Betty Blue – 37.2 degrees in the morning” are considered cult films.

Beinix was born in Paris on October 8, 1946. The producer and screenwriter originally studied medicine. It was not until 1964 that he turned to film and began working as an assistant director to Jean Becker. More than ten years later, in 1977, Beineix made his first short film “Le Chien de Monsieur Michel” (roughly: Monsieur Michel’s Dog), with which he received first prize at the Trouville Festival and a nomination for the César for best short film.

With “Diva” in 1981, he finally began a career that, despite a few failures, made him one of the best-known filmmakers in contemporary French cinema alongside Luc Besson and Jean-Jacques Annaud.

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