French Senate approves reform of Macron’s pension system | France

The French Senate this Saturday adopted the plan to reform President Emmanuel Macron’s pension system, with 195 votes in favor and 112 votes against. One of the main measures of this bill is the increase of the retirement age in France by two years (from 62 years to 64 years), which had already been approved on Thursday.

The upper house of the French parliament voted on the remaining articles of the bill this Saturday, at a time when the country faces the seventh day of nationwide demonstrations against the plan. DIt is According to polls, the majority of voters are against the text.

This approval is not yet the final step in the legislative process. Now follows a consultation session with the lower house of Parliament, the National Assembly, where the final text will be voted again. This meeting should take place next Wednesday.

If the commission agrees on a text, a final vote will likely take place on Thursday, but the outcome still looks uncertain in the lower house, the National Assembly, where the Macron party “needs allies”.

There are nationwide strikes and protests scheduled for Wednesday to challenge pension reform.

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