From a bitch that looks like a cow, the video for Guest, Maudito’s new single | Video

A bitch with a cow pattern is a starting point for a video clip as valid as any other. Mainly in one of Maudito, who confesses to having “an obsession with colors” — as seen in other videos by the artist, but also in GuestO single with Lil Noon who debuts here on P3.

This time, damn, who directs, produces and edits most of his video clips — and this one was no exception — opted for monochrome, challenged by the cow print on the coats, the rug and the dog, of course, borrowed from a friend. Everything else is based on white, even another friend’s car, which wasn’t even part of the plans, but ended up fitting into the “aesthetic clean” achieved in the studio. The only element of color: the pile of “notes” placed on the table, which the artists end up eating, in a literal representation of the idea “eat the money” [comer o dinheiro, em português].

Maudito is Gustavo Sousa, rapper Porto native who made his debut on the hip-hop scene as Weis. We had already seen him here when he premiered Juro, also produced and directed by you.

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