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The 37-year-old man and the 23-year-old woman were caught with 79 bags of marijuana

By Adriano Fernandes and Bruna Marques | 14/09/2021 21:27

An investigation by the Civil Police led to the arrest of a couple of drug dealers, who acted as the “arm” of the PCC (First Command of the Capital), in Rochedo, a municipality located just 74 kilometers from Campo Grande. The pair received orders from members of the faction serving time in the Capital Maximum Security Prison.

The man, 37, and the woman, just 23, were caught with 79 bags of marijuana at a residence on Avenida Evangelina Vieira, which was used as a point of sale for drugs. The operation that resulted in the arrest of the pair also had the support of the municipality’s military police.

“They were interested in setting up, here in Rochedo, a group of the faction to supply drugs in the region, but they ended up being arrested today”, comments the chief of the Civil Police of Rochedo, Roberto Duarte Faria. The pair was being investigated for about 20 days, according to the delegate.

The marijuana portions were found inside a refrigerator and in one of the rooms of the house. In the “boca de fumo” there was also a notebook with notes on drug sales in the city, and the contacts made by the couple with the gang’s cronies.

The traffickers were arrested in the act of drug trafficking and remain incarcerated at the Rochedo Civil Police station.

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