FSB showed a video of the detention of a group of hackers "REvil" - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

600 thousand US dollars, 500 thousand euros, 426 million rubles were seized as a result of investigative operations to suppress the activities of the criminal community of hackers “REvil”. The alleged criminals were detained in several regions of the Russian Federation at once, including in Moscow and St. Petersburg. About it reported Public Relations Center of the FSB of Russia.

The report says that the basis for the search activities was the appeal of the US competent authorities, who informed about the leader of the group and his involvement in encroachments on information resources of foreign high-tech companies. Hackers launched malicious viruses and then extorted money for their deactivation.

The footage provided by the DSP of the FSB of Russia shows how suspects are being detained in apartments, how searches take place, during which operatives seize large bundles of banknotes of various denominations. By the way, in addition to the money, twenty premium-class cars purchased with funds from criminal activities were also seized.

The hacker community ceased to exist, and the competent authorities of the United States were informed about it. The detainees were charged under Part 2 of Article 187 “Illegal Turnover of Means of Payments” of the Criminal Code of Russia.

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