Something like the Apple M1, but for Windows.  Qualcomm wants to torment Intel and AMD with Arm

Your future Windows computer may not have a processor from Intel, AMD, or even Qualcomm. Taiwan’s MediaTek, which is currently the largest supplier of SoCs for smartphones and has a strong influence on Chromebooks, has shown interest in entering the new area. It is only a short distance from them to Windows.

The company announced its ambition to offer arm processors for the system from Microsoft this week during the California Executive Summit. It introduced a number of novelties, but so far it is very mysterious about a specific chip for Windows. Eric Fischer, who heads MediaTek’s sales department, only says that pressure needs to be put on “Wintel,” the traditional merger between Windows and Intel (and therefore AMD).

But Qualcomm has been working on this for several years, working with Microsoft to build a hardware foundation based on army processors. Snapdragons were the brain of older Windows RT tablets and play the same role on new Windows 10 and 11 devices. Qualcomm also designs tailor-made SoC for Surface Pro X tablets.

MediaTek has traditionally been a manufacturer of cheap and slower chips, but today it can also offer solutions for high-end devices. Just during the Executive Summit, he unveiled the very first SoC for smartphones made by the 4nm process from TSMC. It carries one Cortex-X2 processor super core, three powerful Cortexy-A710 and four energy-efficient Cortexy-A510. It is also the first to offer a new generation GPU (Mali-G710 MC10) and LPDDR5X memory.

But it’s one thing to integrate all the latest technology into one piece of silicon, and it’s another to deliver software support. MediaTek has many years of experience with Linux systems, but for Windows it would have to create drivers from scratch.

Source: XDA Developers

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