A motorist hit a trucker with his car.  (Photo: video capture)

An afternoon of fury was experienced this Friday in the Pan-American off Thames Street during the fight between a truck driver and a motorist. The violent scene was recorded by Víctor, a user of TN and The People who passed by the place and shared the video on the citizen journalism portal.

In the images you can see trucker hanging from the windshield of the car that was going zig zag. The man fell to the asphalt and miraculously was not run over by the vehicles behind.

A motorist hit a trucker with his car. (Photo: video capture)

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“You’re crazy brother, you almost killed me”

Victor was driving his car when he suddenly came across a violent scene in the Pan-American. At the collector he saw a truck and a car stopped. The trucker got out and started arguing with the motorist.

“At one point this man he started and dragged it a few meters. The trucker was hanging from the windshield wiper and kicked the door. It was a tremendous scene. At one point he fell to the floor. The cars that came behind dodged it and luckily they didn’t run over him”, he detailed.

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Between a trucker and a motorist.  (Photo: video capture).
Between a trucker and a motorist. (Photo: video capture).

The next thing you see in the video is that several men question the driver of the vehicle about his actions: “You can’t handle it”. While this was happening, the trucker appeared walking and yelled at him: “You’re crazy brother, you almost killed me.”

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They continued arguing and clung to the pineapples in full view of everyone. The user of TN and La Gente said that they called the police but he does not know how the matter ended because once things calmed down he continued his journey like the other witnesses.

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