Gabi Petito case: This is the cause of her death

Teton’s medical examiner, Dr. Brent Blue, told a news conference on Tuesday that Gabi Petito had been strangled to death.

“We have determined that the cause of death is strangulation and it is confirmed that this is homicide,” said Dr Blue. The medical examiner added that according to the Wyoming Statute, no other information from the autopsy will be made public except the cause and manner of death.

The doctor says that the medical staff was “very careful” in examining the body and attributed the waiting period for results to the help of specialists, including a toxicological report.

While repeatedly refusing to go into detail about any of the findings, Dr Blue said the body was probably out for “three to four weeks” before it was discovered.

Petito’s remains were taken to a morgue in Wyoming and the morgue intends to return them to her family.

The body of the 22-year-old blogger was found in Teton National Park on September 19. While Dr. Blue had announced shortly afterwards that it was a homicide, the cause of death of the unfortunate young woman was not revealed pending the final results of the autopsy.

Petito and her 23-year-old partner, Brian Londry, have been traveling since July 2.

The couple’s regular updates on Instagram and YouTube portrayed a relatively enjoyable, carefree trip, but after Londry returned to his parents’ home in Florida on September 1 without Petito, the story quickly dissipated.

Petito’s parents reported her disappearance on September 11, more than two weeks after they last spoke to her on August 25.

After that last call, her family received two text messages from her phone that they found suspicious: one on August 27th referring to her grandfather by the name Petito never used and the second on August 30th saying only: “There is no signal in the area.”

Footage from body cameras released by the Utah Police Department, after she was reported missing, shows that the couple had a fight on August 12, during a visit to the National Park.

Upon his return, Londry refused to speak to authorities, and then disappeared after telling his parents Sept. 14 that he was going hiking at a nature reserve near their home in North Florida Port. His whereabouts remain unknown and he is considered a “person of interest” for Petito’s disappearance.

A court found Londry guilty of bank fraud in late September, linking him to Petito’s unauthorized use of a debit card, with withdrawals worth more than $ 1,000 during the period she was reported missing.

Petito’s case and the intense media search that has been created, has pushed some to talk about inequality in the way the missing are covered, especially those of color.

According to a report released in January by the state of Wyoming, where the remains of Petito were found, only 18% of missing indigenous women in the last decade have received media coverage.

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