Gabriel Santana wins the race and is the new ‘Angel’

		'BBB': Gabriel Santana wins the race and is the new 'Angel'
Photo: TV Globo.

Gabriel Santana is the new Angel of “Big Brother Brasil”. The cabin group participant won the race, after a dispute with Marvvilla, Sarah Aline, Aline Wirley and Ricardo.

Cezar Black Fred and Amanda did not participate in the race, after being vetoed, in addition to the leader of the week, Bruna Griphao.

The aiming dispute required the brothers to hit discs in delivery boxes. After 9 hits, the actor was consecrated and won a test for the first time.

After the victory, Gabriel had to choose two brothers for Castigo do Mostro. The decision was: Fred and Aline Wirley, who left the VIP and went straight to Xepa because of that. For lunch at Anjo, the actor invited Marvvila and Sarah Aline.

Gabriel Santana will be able to immunize someone before the formation of Paredão this Sunday (19).


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