Gabriela Pugliesi needles toxic relationships after declaring herself for boyfriend

Influencer Gabriela Pugliesi tore compliments to her boyfriend Túlio Dek, during a chat with followers on Instagram. The artist took the opportunity to discuss toxic relationships.

When opening a box of questions in the stories, the fitness blogger received a message from one of her followers that highlighted their romance: “I think you and Tulio are very well tuned. soul meeting“.

“My relationship with Tulio Dek is inexplicable, immeasurable! Soul reunion, even. I thought I had lived a love affair, but no. Real love I’m just living today, love with depth, with purpose.”

“And I’m just experiencing this today because I opened up to life. Because I had the courage to close cycles. Sometimes people get stuck in toxic relationships for fear of not loving again. Believe me: There are millions of possibilities waiting for you. You just have to open up to life”, she added.

It is worth noting that earlier this year Pugliesi ended his marriage to model Erasmo Viana, former participant of A Fazenda 13, with whom he had a relationship since 2015.

marriage disgust

Last week Gabriela Pugliesi ended up generating controversy on social media after revealing that she regrets having married Erasmo Viana. The influencer stated that she does not usually think about resolutions of this type, but believes she was very immature at the time.

“It’s complicated to say this, because I’m the person who believes that everything happens perfectly in God’s time (time that we don’t have evolution to see. Our vision is limited). But I sure as hell never would have gotten married, after all I broke up,” she said.

“I was very immature (I got married at 25), and marriage for me didn’t have the meaning it has today. As I didn’t have a structured family, I thought it would be the same (marry and separate and that’s fine), but today I know that my dream is to build a family and stay with my children’s father forever. I think this is beautiful, but for me it was not a reality”, he added.

Pugliesi continued the outburst and pointed out that the new status came after a period of much reflection. “I needed maturity to understand who I am, what my dreams are and get rid of old patterns and conditioning. But of course I still believe that everything I went through was my choice., I’m responsible for everything and I learned good things”, she concluded.

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