Galvão Bueno allegedly detonates Neymar in audio leaked at Globo (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)
Galvão Bueno allegedly detonates Neymar in audio leaked at Globo (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

An audio in which Galvão Good supposedly call Neymar of “idiot” leaked live on Globo this Sunday (10). After what happened, Rafaella Santos, sister of the player, hit on social networks.

During the broadcast of the game between Colombia and Brazil, a failure of Globo made it possible to hear the narrator supposedly detonates the player. The moment came while reporter Eric Faria reported on Neymar’s attitude, who left the field immediately after the end of the match and did not greet the other players.

“All players are greeting each other on the field. The exception is Neymar, that as soon as the referee finished the game, he left for the locker room. He didn’t stick to this fair play protocol”, said the reporter.

At this point, it was possible to hear a quick behind-the-scenes comment by Galvão Bueno. “Idiot”, he fired. From then on, internet users started accusing the narrator of having criticized the number 10 shirt of the Seleção.

The moment reverberated a lot on social networks. Through her Instagram profile, Rafaella Santos defended her brother and, without naming names, criticized the veteran.

“A certain gentleman, who I had already talked about in my Stories past, during the broadcast, called my brother an idiot. Will it be him or you?, shot Neymar’s sister (check the videos below).

Neymar x Galvão Bueno

Last month, the star of Paris Saint-Germain unburdened himself in an interview with Globo after a game against Peru. At the time, he declared that he did not know what else to do. to have people’s respect and needled the press.

“I am very happy, very happy. I don’t know anymore what to do with this shirt for the guys to respect Neymar, he declared. Asked about the last sentence, the player complained about the treatment he was receiving from the press.

“This is normal, not me. This has been going on for a long time, from you reporters, commentators and others as well.. Sometimes I don’t even like to talk in interviews anymore, but at important moments I come here to give my opinion…”, said Neymar, who left the outburst in the air, without directing it to someone specific. “All kinds. Leave it to the guys to think a little there”, commented.

At the time, Galvão Bueno asked to speak live after the interview and disapproved of the player’s statement.

“Why that? Why say you are persecuted all the time? He is criticized when he is criticized, he is praised when he is praised… a certain exaggeration of Neymar. That’s what I say: he goes past the point many times, criticized the Globo narrator.

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