The showman was struck by the appearance

The showman was struck by the appearance


Garik Martirosyan sought help from a doctor specializing in the treatment of herniated discs without surgery. The showman was photographed in the clinic and made a splash with his appearance.

Garik Martirosyan is probably experiencing health problems. The comedian was seen in the hospital, where he turned for help. The showman’s attending physician posted a photo with Garik. In the frame, Martirosyan looked incredibly rejuvenated and handsome.

By the way, recently a 47-year-old man is increasingly at the center of heated discussions. All the fault of the controversial situations in which he began to fall with enviable regularity.

Some time ago, the artist, who has been one of the brightest members of the Comedy Club for many years, made an odious statement. He reported that it has no solidarity with the humor community. Martirosyan believes that the burden of responsibility always lies with the one who made the resonant joke. According to the showman, the author of the scandalous opus must understand the consequences. “I don’t care about all the comedians, I don’t have any solidarity! Among them are schizophrenics, maniacs, drug addicts, creatures, scoundrels and disgusting types, what kind of solidarity? If someone once set himself up, behaves out of order, let him answer for my actions. There is no community of comedians for which I should be responsible,” Martirosyan said.

After what was said, social media users attacked Martirosyan with angry comments. One of the few who are not surprised by the comedian’s statements was the comedian Sasha Malaya, who was remembered by many from the Fizruk TV series. He explained the reason for Garik’s scandalous attack.

According to the humorist, the Comedy Club resident has long chosen a comfortable and stress-free life. “It would be a surprise to me if he became harnessed for the comedy community. For me, he does not affect the industry. His support, without her, would not make the weather. He actually lives his life. He will not climb higher than where he is now,” Sasha stressed.

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