Horoscope for Gemini today, Saturday, October 16, 2021

Some members of your family are somewhat cynical and can cause you discomfort. Don’t take them into account, get them out of the way immediately.

Love: Sensual and persuasive. Be careful because extreme passions are very attractive, but they often bring dangers.

Wealth: You must beware of theft, reckless spending, and financial arguments. Preserve your privacy from strangers.

Wellness: Try to reconnect with your intimacy. Treat yourself to dinner, change your wardrobe or listen to soothing music to renew your energy.

Gemini Characteristics

Is he third sign of the zodiac and of mutable quality. Gemini symbolizes concrete consciousness. It belongs, with Libra and Aquarius, to air element ruled by Mercury. Sagittarius is an opposite and complementary sign.

Gemini are restless, they can start many projects, but they need perseverance to finish them. They are strong and vital and they may have communication skills.

  • Element: Air
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Polarity: Male (Yang)
  • ruling planet: Mercury
  • Home: 3
  • Metal: Mercury
  • Stone: Beryllium, Tiger’s Eye, Topaz
  • Color: Yellow, gray
  • Constellation: Gemini

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