Gender identity “is one of the most dangerous ideological colonizations”, says Papa | Catholic church

Pope Francis attacked this Saturday against gender ideology, assuring that it is one of the “most dangerous” “ideological colonizations” that currently exist in the world. In interview to the Argentine daily La Naciónon the subject of his ten years of pontificate that will be marked on Monday, the pontiff guarantees that it is an ideology that “dilutes differences”, makes everything equal, which “goes against the human vocation”.

“Gender ideology, at this moment, is one of the most dangerous ideological colonizations. It goes beyond the sexual”, said Francisco. “Because it dilutes differences and the richness of men and women and of all humanity is the tension of differences. It is growing through the tension of differences. The gender question is diluting the differences and making the world equal, all blunt, all the same. And that goes against the human vocation.”

Francisco recalls the reading of the book The Lord of the World, by Robert Hugh Benson, Anglican writer and priest, son of the then Archbishop of Canterbury, who would eventually convert to Catholicism. “It shows a future where differences are disappearing and everything is the same, everything is uniform, there is only one boss in the whole world. A futurist prophet. And then I went to find the true tendency to reduce the differences. The wealth that humanity has is its differences.”

For the Pope, “there are people who are a little naive who believe” that gender ideology “is the path of progress and do not distinguish between respect for sexual diversity or different sexual options and what is already a gender anthropology, which it is very dangerous because it cancels differences”.

According to Francis, this ideological path “annuls humanity, the richness of humanity, both personal and cultural and social, the differences and tensions between differences”.

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