General Baduel's death provokes indignation among the Venezuelan opposition

The Venezuelan opposition lamented the death of General Raúl Isaias Baduel, considered a “political prisoner” since 2009, who, according to the Caracas Prosecutor’s Office, was a victim of respiratory arrest as a result of a Covid-19 infection.

Former Defense Minister Raul Isaías Baduel died on Tuesday in prison, a victim of a respiratory arrest associated with Covid-19, announced the Venezuelan Attorney General

Former deputy Juan Guaidó has already addressed his condolences to Baduel’s relatives, having in the same message held the Venezuelan state responsible for the military’s death.

“General Raúl Baduel was assassinated by the dictatorship. The dictatorship that kidnapped, tortured and denied him medical care. After 12 years of brutal suffering, Baduel is the tenth political prisoner to die at the hands of the regime,” said Guaidó in the broadcast message through the social network Twitter.

Gaidó maintains that “atrocities like this” demonstrate that in Venezuela “human rights are systematically violated”.

“These crimes cannot go unpunished and the silence shows the complicity of our Armed Forces,” he added.

Likewise, former deputy Miguel Pizarro said that the death of a prisoner “in the custody of the State” represents “negligence, responsibility and the lack of care that exists in the penal system”.

“General Raúl Baduel was kidnapped by the regime, his family members were victims of threats and reprisals for denouncing the torture he suffered in prison. A few weeks ago they denounced the general’s disappearance. These deaths cannot go unpunished,” said Pizarro.

Previously, Venezuela’s Attorney General, Tarek Williams Saab, reported that Baduel, 66, had died of respiratory arrest following a SARS CoV-2 infection.

“We regret the death of Raúl Isaías Baduel, due to a respiratory arrest caused by covid-19 and at the time he was provided with medical care, having received the first dose of the vaccine”, said the prosecutor via Twitter.

On September 29, Andreina Baduel, the general’s daughter, denounced her father’s transfer to Sebin’s dungeons, known as the “tomb”, where an intelligence department in Caracas operates.

Baduel, a former ally of Hugo Chávez and appointed as the strategist for the 2002 coup d’état in Venezuela, was defense minister between 2006 and 2007.

Later, the official opposed the totalitarian drift of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro.

In 2009 he was arrested and banned from holding public office.

Baudel was granted parole in 2015 but was arrested again in 2017, the year in which the prison sentence to which he had been sentenced came to an end.

Baudel’s arrest is reported in the reports of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan non-governmental organization Foro Penal stressed that Baduel’s death brings to 10 the number of political prisoners killed in the Caracas regime’s prisons.

Amnesty International, which followed and denounced the Baduel case for several years, demanded clarification on the military’s death.

“General Baduel was detained for years under inhumane conditions. We demand justice and clarification on the death”, reports Amnesty International.

Although the government granted several pardons to some opponents who were imprisoned, General Baduel was never on the amnesty lists.

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