Germany prepares strict measures to curb the wave of Covid-19 infections

Germany suffers a sustained growth of infections by Covid-19 and the authorities are evaluating the implementation of stricter measures. In that country only 68% of the population is vaccinated, what represents one of the lowest rates in Europe, like her neighbor Austria that last monday resolved that vaccination is mandatory.

The number of beds occupied in intensive care units represents one of the most worrying data, since there are only 3,500 places available of the 25,000 that exist throughout the country. In this regard, Germany is analyzing to comply with Austria’s measures. and promote mandatory vaccination.

For Angela Merkel, the increase in Covid-19 cases is the worst they have had

This decision would be strongly anti-popular, since only 57% of Germans agree with such a measure. Nevertheless, Angela Merkel acknowledged that current restrictions “are no longer sufficient.”

From tomorrow the hardening of measures begins, which may include the prohibition of shows, the restriction of those who are not vaccinated to access bars, restaurants and public transport. Meanwhile, scientists warn that only reaching a rate of 90% of vaccinated can control the pandemic, which is very complex with the resistance of the population.

This advance of contagions in Europe It is due to the low vaccination rate, the existence of the Delta variant and because the cold climate there makes the transmission of the disease more prone.

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