Germany: several hostages in a pharmacy in Karlsruhe. Suspect detained | Germany

Several people were kidnapped this afternoon inside a pharmacy in the city of Karlsruhe, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The German police closed this area and appealed to the population to stay away from the area.

According to the last update from the Karlsruhe police, the special forces managed to enter the pharmacy at 21:20 (20:20 in Lisbon) and a man was arrested. There are currently no reports of injuries.

It is not confirmed how many people were inside the building or how many suspects were involved in the kidnapping that lasted about five hours.

Before being arrested, the suspect spoke to the authorities and asked for more than one million euros for the release of the hostages, according to the local newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung.

Also on Thursday, a shooting in Hamburg, Germany, caused eight deaths and several people were injured.

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