Plinio Vasconcellos and Gil do Vigor (Reproduction/Instagram)
Plinio Vasconcellos and Gil do Vigor (Reproduction/Instagram)

the ex-BBB Gil do Vigor, 30 years old, used the traditional Tbt day to show that his relationship with the dentist, Plínio Vasconcellos, is in full swing even at a distance. Through Instagram stories, the economist who is doing the PHD, in the United States, appears kissing his beloved.

“TBT with him. Huge homesickness,” he wrote

Gil do Vigor

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Gil do Vigor (Reproduction/Instagram)

Plínio talks about the relationship between the two

Plínio Vasconcellos, Gil do Vigor’s affair, spoke about his relationship with the economist. In conversation with Portal Splash, the dentist said that the case has not yet turned into a relationship:

“We have been talking to each other whenever possible, but we respect each other’s schedule a lot. My life is busy, and he has a very intense routine, with many studies, especially in this first month of adaptation. Maybe the second month will be more relaxed. But we always talk about each other’s day, without pressure.” he told her.

Then, Plínio said that despite the fans creating a lot of expectations in their relationship, the relationship needs a lot of responsibility: “Although there’s a lot of expectations on us, we’re calm. We never officially dated, right? He was going to travel, live abroad, and dating is a very big responsibility, a commitment. We have affection, respect and mutual admiration. We have been dealing well with this distance, without expectations. We have plans to meet soon, but I can’t tell you the dates yet,” he said.

met through a friend

The dental surgeon said that he meets Gil do Vigor through a great mutual friend in a video call: “My friend told Gilberto about me and said that we agreed. ANDhe arranged a dinner at his house, where we would meet. Gil missed dinner that day, he was tired after a recording. My friend made a video call, and the first time we spoke was like this. Then, the following week, Gilberto called me for another dinner, picked me up at home and we met in person”, he revealed.

“It doesn’t scare me and it doesn’t even go to my head that he’s famous. I really admire the way he can handle it. We went out to dinner and they called him to take pictures all the time, and he was always in a good mood”, he said.

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