Gil do Vigor reveals details of meeting Anitta in Las Vegas

The Economist Gil do Vigor, one of the ex-participants of Big Brother Brasil 21, told about his meeting with anitta, which took place in Las Vegas, USA.

During his painting Tá Lascado, on the Mais Você program, the Pernambuco native spoke with Ana Maria Braga about how special it was to meet the funkeira in person, who took the time to give him some advice about the life of a famous person.

“I found! Beautiful wonderful. It was an event, I was shocked, what a beautiful place! Anitta is amazing, gave me so much advice, opened my mind. You can understand why she is so successful, she has a very big vision, humble, she gave me a lot of advice. He said: ‘Gil, do it like this.’ I was delighted”, he said.

Gil also insisted on recounting experiences that confirm the success of Rio de Janeiro in the United States. According to the ex-BBB, many American friends love Anitta’s songs.

“It’s amazing because a friend of mine who lived here talked about it, but I had no idea of ​​the dimension. The radios play a lot of Anitta, when I go anywhere with my friends they play Anitta by themselves and it’s shocking and much deserved”, he amended.

Gil and Anitta met last Tuesday (16). Through the stories, the TV Globo contractor shared a selfie of the two: “Wonderful dinner with Anitta”.

Opened the game about mental health care

Recently Gil do Vigor used his Instagram profile to vent his followers. After posting a series of photos where it appears reflective, he revealed that went through complicated times and ended up blaming himself.

“Often we need to understand that our mental health needs to be valued and also who we are. These last two days were horrible and I found myself not knowing how to act in the face of this situation. I blamed myself for everything! For I was feeling this, for not studying why I was feeling this… It took me a while to understand that it is absolutely no one’s fault. We are here to be happy despite everything! Everything has its time! If it does, it did. If it doesn’t, life will go on one way or another. So don’t pressure yourself. Keep your mental health a priority”, advised the famous.

Despite the outburst, the ex-BBB guaranteed that he managed to improve and warned fans about the importance of looking for a professional. “Thank God I feel better now but if you experience this kind of feeling constantly, always seek help from a qualified professional. Be happy being you!”, he wrote.

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