Gilberto Gil follows the Filhos de Gandhy parade in Barra

As sure as the lavender on the avenue in the last three days of Carnival, is the presence of Gilberto Gil on the balcony of Expresso 2222 to watch the white carpet pass by.

The Dodô circuit (Barra-Ondina) was painted blue and white this Monday (20th), with the Afoxé Filhos de Gandhy parade. The block this year brings about 5,000 members.

Passionate about the block since childhood, Gil was one of the artists responsible for helping to rebuild Gandhy at the time when Afoxé lost strength on the avenue.

The veteran joined the block and over the 13 years he paraded as with Filhos de Gandhy, Gilberto Gil became a separate attraction in the block, but in his passage, the artist insisted on keeping himself discreet to leave the beauty do Afoxé speak louder.

Gandhy in 2023

The first day of the Sons of Gandhy parade in 2023 was on Sunday (19), in the Contra Fluxo that runs along Avenida Carlos Gomes Rua Chile.

Moments before the start of the parade, afoxé members participate in the padê ceremony, a ritual in which Exu, the street orixá, is asked for permission and protection.

This year, the Gandhy Carnival has the theme “Caboclos de Pena e Encourado”, and honors indigenous peoples. The traditional attire of Filhos de Gandhy in 2023 brought the characteristic dark and light blue, in addition to details in yellow and the inscription “Save the Amazon”.

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