Viih Tube explains make-out phase and reveals

Owner of an impeccable body, the actress Giovanna Lancellotti knows the right formula to stir the imagination of fans and admirers. At the beginning of the week, the beauty that has been rocking the Netflix, shared photos of a boat trip in Noronha that gave subject.

In the records, the cat poses with very thin dental floss, with a colorful print. Wearing sunglasses and pouting, she he collected sensuality and a lot of good form. “Bye Picaooo. See you soon, noronha I leave a part of my heart on this island”, he said in the caption.

“But she’s a real lady, really chic,” said a young man. “Mulher de Deus, how hot”, commented another admirer. “Too much perfection, in every way”, pointed out another.


about to debut in summer season, Giovanna Lancellotti appeared quite excited in recent months, and gave spoilers about the romantic comedy Ricos de Amor, starring her. In the story she lives the character Paula.

“Ricos de Amor is a very Brazilian romantic comedy, that romantic comedy that brings sertanejo, brings funk, brings Lapa, brings social inequality, even brings up the topic of harassment at work. But it’s not a heavy film, on the contrary, it’s a very light film, it’s a romantic comedy that tells the story of Teto, a millionaire heir, who has always lived in a bubble and doesn’t know what the real world is. And he falls in love with Paula, who is a super determined girl”, he said.

Afterwards, she commented on the great love of the protagonist of the main plot. “This boy is the tomato prince, his father has a company, and he says he needs to start working. He even says he wants to start working, but without privileges. Only that, in fact, is to buy him some time. Nobody knows that he is the son of the company owner, as he switches roles with a friend. And, in the meantime, he ends up getting to know Paula, and that’s one more reason for him to go to Rio de Janeiro”, he pointed out.


Already in a chat to Gshow, Lancellotti who shone in several Globo soap operas with different looks, said that he loves to appear in an unusual way to live a new character.

“I’m a ‘plus Gemini’ actress, so changes have always been part of my life. I’ve been a redhead, blonde, brunette, with bangs, short hair, long hair… I’ve had my nose pierced and I’ve been super tattooed in two different characters, Nena, from Shippados, and Milena, from Sol Nascente. Anyway… I like to look at myself in the mirror and see myself different from normal”, he revealed.

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