‘Give it back, mister thief’: councilor is robbed in pre-Carnival in Olinda

Councilor Vinicius Castello (PT), from Olinda (PE), published that he had his wallet stolen while he was enjoying the preview of the Carnival city, on Sunday (12).

They robbed the councilor of Olinda. Mr. Thief, please take my document to the Olinda City Hall because I need to identify myself to defend the people of Olinda. If you are a reveler and find my document, please return it to me. Take care because the thing is serious. I’m fine, I just want my document”
Vini Castello, councilor

According to the politician, he received reports that more people would have been stolen in the same night.

“Some cried when talking about robberies and thefts,” he said.

“I put the bag inside my clothes, for greater protection, and I was holding it. I was having fun”, he told the g1 portal.

Sought after, the City Hall of Olinda had not commented on the case until the last update of this report.

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