Globo reporter who covered the accident that killed Marília Mendonça vents

the singer’s death Marília Mendonça shocked Brazil on November 5th. That day, the sertaneja woman was involved in a serious plane accident in Piedade de Caratinga, in the interior of Minas Gerais, and, along with 4 other people, ended up dying on the spot. Who followed the coverage of the Globe and yes GloboNews during accident coverage must remember the reporter Herisder Matias, one of the first journalists to reach the exact spot where the aircraft crashed.

He works at InterTV dos Vales, an affiliate of the Rio station there, and went live on several occasions to bring more news, even following the tension before the confirmation of the death of the plane’s occupants. In an interview with Splah, from the UOL portal, Hérisder spoke about the difficult coverage and commented that he followed the moment when the backwoodsman’s body was removed.

“I wasn’t sure she was the only woman on the aircraft. I knew it was a woman, but since I didn’t know what style of clothing she was wearing, I didn’t know if it was herself,” he said, who explained that the rescue team later confirmed the information. “When I looked for a military firefighter, he confirmed that the second body removed was actually hers.“, he said.

moments of tension

Hérisder Matias spoke about the difficult work performed by firefighters and SAMU teams, as the plane fell into a waterfall, precisely in an area of ​​rocks. The reporter, who followed everything from a distance of about 50 meters, described the moments of tension during the attempt to rescue the people who were on the aircraft.

They [os socorristas] were very nervous because they were running out of time to try to help people inside the plane.. After a while, they realized that everyone was dead and that nothing more could be done”, he said.

The InterTV dos Vales contractor says that people confirmed during the rescue that the plane was actually carrying Marília Mendonça. “The biggest commotion was when they realized they were all dead. Because everyone there already imagined that it was her and the team’s plane”, he said.

Different ending

Finally, Hérisder explains that he would very much like to have contact with a different ending to the story. “My wish is that they were rescued alive and that I could narrate and transmit the rescue of all. I know the importance that the singer had and has for the country. And of course to family, friends and fans. Millions of fans,” he said, who ended by commenting on the coverage’s biggest challenges.

“The difficult to access place, take the information with care and respect about a tragedy that I know moves a lot of people and the transmission because of the internet, which fluctuated a lot”, he concluded.

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