Globoplay will make a documentary about the Prevent Senior scandal and covid kit

The Prevent Senior scandal, which changed the direction of journalistic coverage of the covid-19 pandemic, will be the subject of a documentary by Globoplay, scheduled to air later this year, in December.

The project, according to the column, is run by the same team that has already made two documentaries about the pandemic for the platform. streaming da Globo, “A Corrida das Vaccines” and “A Corrida das Vaccines – Parallel Market”, both directed by journalist Álvaro Pereira Júnior, with a screenplay by Gabriel Mitani.

The new documentary is seen internally on Globoplay as the third part of this series. The duration is not yet defined – the first had six episodes and the second, two.

In addition to the Prevent Senior case, revealed by journalist Guilherme Balza, who will also participate in the new project, the new documentary will address the articulation that involved the Bolsonaro government in the dissemination of the “Covid kit”, with drugs without proven efficacy against the disease, such as chloroquine. The results of Covid’s CPI, which should be completed in October, will also be the theme of the program.

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