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After her YouTube channel was allegedly hacked, Gloria Groove confirms the release of her next single

Gloria Groove - Photo: Disclosure


Gloria Groove – Photo: Disclosure

After the success of “Bonekinha”, which already has more than 27 million views on the Youtube, Gloria Groove announced this Tuesday (12), the release of their newest single “A Queda”, scheduled for Thursday, October 14th, at 9 pm. The track will probably be part of the singer’s new album, the “Lady Leste”.

The disclosure of drag’s new work started with a mysterious video shared on YouTube, where the diva appears talking to someone on a ladder. The second video was shared on social networks, in partnership with Metrópoles, and features a report on a controversy that could cause the artist’s downfall.

In the video, Groove is shown hiding from photographers, until he gets into a car and a message appears with no further explanation, just written “Extra: A Queda de Gloria Groove”.

Currently the diva is in the new season of “Show of the Famous”, led by Luciano Huck and has been showing confidence in his choices.

In an interview with Gshow, Groove said that expectations are very high, not only to show everything he is preparing, but also to find out what the other participants are going to do. Despite her confidence, she says she may have difficulty when it comes to “imitating” the bodies of the artists she will represent. “I find it easy to get close to voice and phonetics, but the body I use to make Gloria is very specific, a very diva school”. So far we’ve had Xanddy, from Harmonia do Samba and the singer Fergie.

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